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"Elevation Central is the perfect setting to ground and come back to center. It has all the amenities I want for a retreat, along with a true feeling of home. It's beautiful and comfortable at the same time, and I intend to return regularly to experience it again and again." 
Ben C

"I love hosting events at Elevation Central! As an event facilitator I deeply value Christy Lynn's hands on support every step of the way, from planning to executuon to wrap-up. She's a joy to work with and I feel she really prioritizes the experience of my participants and their best interest in mind and heart. The venue has a warm, relaxing, homey and magical ambiance, as well as many different nooks and spaces to cater to the size and style of setting my event needs, whether one day or overnight retreats. I highly recommend events or retreats at Elevation Central!"

Ryan B

"Recently being invited to a Birthday Celebration at a Yoga Meditation Retreat I had no idea the amazing experience I was about to endure…

Although Not really knowing much of Yoga, I was in!

Looking forward to the Relaxation aspect of it all..

In the end I walked away with so much more!!

The first day I arrived & Met Christy she was so warm & welcoming.  A very familiar feeling of acceptance and friendship.  Immediately interested in knowing how she could help with her knowledge & teaching of so much more than what I thought I knew of Yoga.  She explained the different types of Chakras & Oils & the healing power of proper BodyWork for your specific needs of yourself, your soul.

The Acres of Gorgeous Green Property itself was enough to immerse you into a Euphoric state of meditative mind.. complete with pool, sauna & Hot Tub to help rejuvenate tired achy muscles & joints..a little hidden creek that ran through the trees at the back of the property, equipped with Hammocks for reading a book or a simple nap while listening to the trickling water over the rocks… was truly a little bit of Heaven on Earth.  

Then there is the Yoga Barn!!

A Beautiful remodeled Barn for Christy to teach all her amazing talents of Yoga to her adoring yogis 🧘‍♀️ 

I learned a lot about Breathwork & how it’s a foundation to proper yoga poses.. I learned meditation is the key to releasing what weighs our mind, body and spirit & the enlightenment of release. It truly was a game changer for me, an experience I took to heart and have since then continued on my journey of Yoga.

I feel fortunate to have met Christy and her inspirational teachings & guidance to a newborn yogi & friend…

Truly honored!"

Shelley Rae 

I stayed at Elevation Central  for 4 days in March and it was a completely rejuvenating experience! The spacious grounds are so pretty and zen, especially the creek behind the house where one can relax over the water in a hammock with a good book. Christy’s yoga classes were wonderful, and the 2 highlights that helped me feel amazing was the personalized aryuvedic oil massage/bodywork and the cedar sauna,  which I used liberally. We had a bonfire on the night of the full moon, and Christy capped it with an unforgettable fireball dance! Delicious  plant-based food, clean and well appointed bedrooms, and the perfect location near Nashville made for a wonderful getaway with my friends! Hoping to go back soon! 

Emily M

"I attended the connection and authentic relating session at Elevation Central and couldn't have had a nicer time.  The facilities were warm, inviting and soothing. The layout and facilities were conducive for peaceful meditation and interaction with other.  Plus Christy Lynn is a wonderful host. I give her facility a 10 out of 10.  I look forward to my next visit."

Jeff T

Elevation Central is a place where heaven and earth meet, where the spiritual is embodied in the natural.  And all of it through a very playful approach to integration.  You might find Yourself in deep spiritual discussions one moment, and then on a slack line learning how to engage Your center, Your core, the very next.  


Christy Lynn understands the secret ingredient in any practice, the spiritual must be integrated into the natural.  And She is a master of body technologies to assist anyone and everyone in that sacred pursuit.  


- Billy A

"Spending time with Christy at Elevation Central has been an extraordinary experience for me. Her depth of knowledge coupled with her deep compassion for her students is outstanding, and her ability to create a safe container while diving deep makes the difference.  While on retreat, her home is your home and there is a true southern charm and hospitality she imbues upon her guests. There were many remarkable moments during my stay, but the one that was most transformational was my return to wholeness and a deeper understanding of my own internal strength and beauty.  With Christy’s guidance, I was able to see more clearly how I had been holding myself back and not reaching my fullest potential. I am eternally grateful for my time at this amazing retreat center.  Christy Lynn is the real deal!"
Jessica B.

"My weekend retreat at Elevation Central was deeply relaxing and reviving. Christy gave me a safe space to settle back into myself and walked me through different techniques and practices to live a more embodied life. I left feeling grounded, re-centered, and empowered with new tools to help me on my journey. Her home is inviting and the hot tub and sauna were such a treat. Plus, the fully organic meals she cooked were physically and spiritually nourishing.  Taking this retreat was an investment in my present and future self and I’m so grateful to Christy for opening her home and sharing her gifts with the world."

Kat M

"I recently stayed at Elevation Central to celebrate my 50th birthday with my girlfriends.  It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had because it was so relaxing,  restful and just what I needed. We did yoga every day (taught by Christy), we ate healthy meals that Christy prepared. We swam and enjoyed the pool, relaxed in the hot tub, sat in the sauna and then repeated that over and over every day. We had to go to sleep early because we were so tired from relaxing.  


Waking up listening to the birds chirping and enjoying a quiet nap by the creek in one of the many hammocks made the day even more enjoyable.  Sitting on the deck and seeing the fireflies flicker and light up the yard made the the summer evenings so pleasant and reminded me of good childhood memories.  This place (because of Christy) and the experience of really relaxing and enjoying my friends was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.  I’m so grateful to Christy for having the opportunity to stay at her house and enjoy my 50th birthday week.  I can’t say enough good things about this place.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get away, unplug, relax, restore and unwind for a bit! And you will benefit and improve your life by integrating Ayurvedic lifestyle tips from Christy. I will be back." ❤️ 

-Amy W

P.s. Christy offers bodywork/massages which were out of this world !  Highly recommended

"Christy Lynn was born to hold space for fellow travelers on this journey. Her space radiates a sense of ‘home’. Her intentional curation of events and offerings at Elevation Central has created a high vibrational frequency which is palpable and deeply appreciated."

Sonya C

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