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Christy Lynn Hicks

Founder, Teacher, Mentor & Guide

Elevation Central is a boutique wellness retreat & integration, center and conscious event space created by Christy Lynn Hicks, a Nashville native and Teacher of Holistic Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, & The Chakra System for nearly 30 years.


When the world turned upside down in 2020 and Christy's Yoga Studio had to close in Burbank, CA, she made the difficult decision to leave LA and move back to her hometown to focus her energy on holistic wellness education, embodiment practices, transformative workshops,  integrative retreats and conscious events at Elevation Central, which is just outside of

Nashville, TN.

Following in the footsteps of her studio, Yoga Blend, which offered a blend of yoga styles for all levels, Elevation Central offers a blend of healing modalities for elevating mind, body & spirit. 

The personalized, practical and transformational work Christy does with individuals, small groups and immersive trainings is the cornerstone of her teaching and the foundation of Elevation Central for creating experiences that honor the uniqueness of individuals.

Traditionally, students would live with their teacher to learn Yoga as a lifestyle that was applicable to their unique make-up and situation. 


 Christy is bringing that tradition back in a modern form by offering a safe space for individuals, families, children and small groups to immerse in a holistic lifestyle while learning practical skills for improving their relationship to themselves, other people and the world as a whole.

Time spent at the center can be anywhere from an afternoon to a month (or possibly more) and is curated to meet specific needs, goals and desires. 

People can choose to come at a time when others may be on a solo or small group retreat or they can choose to book the entire place out for themselves and/or their group to create a custom experience. 

The best way to find out if Elevation Central is a good fit and to determine the best path, program or options for you is to set up a time to chat!


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