Elevating Mind, Body & Spirit

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A Private Wellness Retreat

If you are....
  • someone that takes care of others in some way and feel that your cup is empty (or close to it) and you know it's time to fill up

  • dealing with a specific physical, mental, or emotional challenge and want a safe place to retreat with personalized care & support in body, mind & spirit.

  • a yoga or meditation teacher looking for holistic & integrative advanced studies or continuing education for personal and/or professional reasons.

  • would like to become a certified holistic yoga or meditation teacher.

  • are interested in becoming a Yoga for Better Relationships Guide (YBRG).

  • thinking of honoring a milestone in your life in a consciously curated and connected way with friends and/or family (wedding, bridal blessing, mother blessing, reunion, 1st menses, birthday, graduation, etc.)

  •  seeking guidance, inspiration and support in your relationships as well as your life dreams and goals.

  • want to bring your family together for a unique and rejuvenating wellness vacation that offers programs for adults and kiddos

 I am pretty sure we can help!

Join the
Elevation Community!

At Elevation Central we are dedicated to the elevation of mind, body, spirit & ultimately the world. 


We believe in the power of positive relationships with uplifting & healthy lifestyle practices along with a deep connection to the earth as the necessary fertilizer for healing, growth and lasting transformation to occur.


We recognize that one size does not fit all and make it our mission to honor the uniqueness of each individual by meeting them where they are and supporting them along their way.

One to One.  Heart to heart. Human to human.  

Just as it's meant to be.

We are excited to elevate with you!